Wellness Toolkit

We all need to create a "wellness toolkit" for ourselves (unless you already have one!). A good recipe self care includes:

  • Nutrition – What have you been eating? Can you plan for a healthy variety of nutritious foods? How about finding a new recipe and trying it?

  • Sleep – It’s time to think about a good “sleep routine” – and how many hours do you need/are you getting?

  • Water – Good old H2O – so important to be drinking daily!!

  • Movement – Some regular movement - walking, running, biking, yoga, swimming - what kind of exercise/movement works for you?

  • Make a plan – I always recommend that you wake up and start your day with a plan; get “ready” as if you’re going to work/school - even if working from home.

  • Mindfulness/meditation/mindful breathing – Start a routine!

  • Set boundaries - Time between work/school and time for you; others and time for you; set aside and protect "you" time  when you’re not doing work and/or school.

  • Social – Connect with others – don’t isolate yourself & lean on your loving network.

  • Daily spiritual practice - Important for many people, not for everyone – but we all can practice self-compassion!

  • READ!

  • Creative outlet – Find something other than school or work that you get some pleasure from.

*Take some time to think about what to put into your toolkit, and dedicate yourself to using your tools to foster taking even better care of yourself. 

**You can’t show up for others if you don’t take care of yourself



                 Make your own toolkit – and see what works for you!